Article 1: Trademark of the Site and Premises

The present Terms and General Conditions of Business and Delivery, which conform to the D.Lgs. n.70/2003 and D.Lgs. 206/2005, regulate the sale services that appear on the site and are stipulated between the Individual Firm “Init-s by Andrea Cerrito” (hereafter “Firm”), VAT 01336110554, number REA: TR –89135, with base in Via Ugo Tognazzi, 18, Narni (TR), email:, and the client (hereafter “Customer” that peruses the pages of the internet site (hereafter “Site”) and that digitally uses the purchasing services of the products displayed on the Site.

The Firm and the Customer understood as a single entity are referred to as “Parts”.

The Site is managed by the Individual Firm “Init-s by Andrea Cerrito” and it allows the purchase of the products the Firm has made available for purchase.

The present Terms and Conditions are binding for the Parts of which above and are applied to all Clients who purchase one or more products the present Site offers.

The Clients who use the Services offered in the present Site take the responsibility of knowing and accepting the present Terms and Conditions, while also declaring, under their own exclusive responsibility, to be over 18 years of age.

With the exclusion of the mandatory law concerning the present Terms and Conditions, the Customer accepts that the contract, notifications, information and all other forms of communication provided in electronic or digital form satisfy the requirement of written act when established by law.

Article 2: Object of the Contract

The contract regulates and regards the sales of the products that are offered on the Site.

The present Terms and Conditions bind the Parts and affect the purchase of products which are displayed on the Site.

The Firm sells divers products through the Site including: accessories for pets, toys for children, and objects for outdoor activities.

Article 3: Prices

The prices indicated on the Site are clearly specified and are inclusive of the VAT.

Expedition expenses are included.

Prices could vary throughout time, but they will neither have any effect on the price charged to the Customer at the moment of the purchase nor will lead to any new rights on the prices that the Customer has paid/has to pay.

The above paragraph excludes the cases in which the listed prices are disproportionate to the market value of the product/s due to effective errors.

Article 4: Purchasing Terms

In order to purchase the products specified in Art.2, the Customer must add the chosen product to her/his cart. Then she/he will have to provide her/his details for the mailing of the chosen products while accepting the present Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of the Site. She/he will also have to pay for the goods as herein specified.

The payment will necessarily take place through a single transaction following the terms specified in the Site. The payment can be done via paypal, amazon pay, stripe and also via credit or debit card.

If the Customer chooses to pay with credit card, the payment is subject to the condition that online purchases are authorized by the bank.

The payment procedures is equivalent to the purchase proposal.

The purchase will be rendered effective when the Customer receives an email at the address she/he filled in during the online order.

If there are any problems with the purchasing procedure and/or in the filling of personal details, the Customer can contact directly. The Firm will verify the respect of the procedure as specified in the above paragraphs and, except for reasons which are justified, will help the Customer complete the purchase.

If the Customer makes any errors in filling the online forms, such errors must be notified within 24 hours from the payment thereby allowing the Firm to modify the order according to the change requests presented by the Customer.

The concluded purchase contracts—updated purchase contracts included—are digitally saved on apposite devices owned by the Firm.

Article 5: Conditions of Sales and Terms of Use of the Site

The purchase by the Customer implies her/his total knowledge and acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions.

No agreement between the Customer and the Firm will exist, and therefore no purchase contracts will be valid, whenever the Customer or the Firm makes any evident mistake or imprecisions in filling the Order due to facts related to the Customer or the Firm. These mistakes or errors regard for example (just one of many examples) errors or imprecisions regarding the mailing details of the Customer (like the address for the delivery of the product/s) or details related to the identification and/or selection of the Products/their quantity/ and the relative price.

Before the mailing, the Firm reserves itself the right to verify the correctness of the prices of the Products which have been added to the cart and ordered by the Customer. In case of error in the prices the Firm reserves itself the right to cancel the order.

Furthermore, in case of difficulties in the delivery of the product/s at the specified address, the Customer will be contacted to arrange a different way to deliver the Product or to fully reimburse its cost.

The Customer pledges to indemnify the Firm and its suppliers for any loss, damage, responsibility, negative consequence or expense somehow connected to complaints against the Customer due to the fact that the Customer has used products of the Site, violating every applicable law, as well as, third parts’ rights or the present Terms and Conditions.

The Customer is the only and exclusive responsible part regarding any legal or non-legal consequence deriving from the improper use of the products sold by the Firm. No grievance, attribution of responsibility to the Firm or refund request can be filed by the Customer and its suppliers as a consequence of the offered service.

The Firm guarantees that the delivered products satisfy the legal requirements for their use, trustworthiness, and durability.

The Customer promises to check the product/s once he/she has received them. If one or more products do not correspond to the purchasing order the Customer must inform the Firm by sending an email at within 14 days from the date the order was received.

Article 6: Dispatch of the Products

The deliveries will be handled by, inc. The Customer can request the code for tracking its parcel/package by writing to

Delivery expenses are included.

Article 7: Right of withdrawal

The parts jointly agree that no right of withdrawal exists if the Customer is not a consumer.

The Customer-consumer can exert his right of withdrawal within 14 days from the date or the delivery of the product/s by writing to the address

If the Customer chose diverse deliveries of the Products requested in a single order, the terms for exerting the right of withdrawal will have effect with the delivery of the last Product.

Within the 14 days following the date in which the withdrawal has been notified, the Customer must send back the product/s at her/his own expenses, via registered post or traceable delivery, to the address provided by the Firm.

The Customer takes responsibility of the mailing expenses ensuing the withdrawal.

Once the Firm has received the Product, the Firms itself will offer the reimbursement using the same payment method chosen by the Customer when she/he paid the Order.

Finally, the Customer does not have any withdrawal rights if:

  • The delivered products have been exposed to abnormal circumstances;
  • The Customer has not used the product with prudence and attention;
  • The products have been damaged by the behavior of the Customer;
  • The occurrence of situations out of control of the Firm, like damages deriving from force majeure or caused by the means of transportation.

Article 8: Obligations of the Firm

The Firm is not responsible for damages that are not an immediate and direct consequence of a breach of contract.

The Firm is in no measure responsible for the fulfillment of the obligations on behalf of third parties that might offer commercial guarantees in relation to the products the Firm is selling on the Site.

The Firm reserves the right to prohibit access to the Site, if either the applicable legal rules or the Terms and Conditions are violated.

Furthermore, the Firm is not responsible for delays or breaches of the contractual obligations. It is also not responsible for delays, disservices or suspensions of the Site when one of these problems derives from an accident or force majeure.

(Amongst the causes that could lead to the suspension, the delay or at any rate a breach in the contractual obligation, for which the Firm is not responsible, are for instance—but NOT exclusively—disservice of phone lines and/or electric power lines and/or internet connection; software disservice, hardware disservice; interruptions and/or suspension due to legal dispositions, even having an exceptional nature or due to acts by Italian authorities or foreign authorities; tampering or damaging interventions on services and equipment used by the Firm; erroneous use of the platform by the Customers; disservices in the connection systems used by the Customers; non conformity and/or obsolescence of equipment or programs used by the Customers; other forms of disservices, loss of data, accidental dispersion of personal data or sensitive data unconnected to the behavior of the Firm, and every other type of damage ensuing hackers’ attacks, thieves’ interventions and/or viruses).

Article 9: Privacy policy

Information on the discipline referring to the treatment of personal data by the Firm is found in the page on privacy information which is accessible from the Home page of the Site.

Article 10: Language, applicable law, resolution of controversies and competent forum

The present Terms and Conditions are translated from Italian into English.

Excluded the rights of the Customers, the Court of Terni is the exclusive organ for the resolution of potential controversies.

The Customer/Consumer who resides in the European Union, might benefit from the additional safeguards which the legal norms in her/his country foresee.

The Customer/Consumer can use a platform, created by the European Commission, for the online resolution of controversies. You can access the platform through the link:

Article 11: Link to external web sites

The links to external sites which the Firm has created are specified for information only.

No responsibility regarding the use of the external sites can be attributed to the Firm.

The insertion of external link does neither imply a connection with the sites, nor does it award responsibilities relative to data treatment or any other legal rules that external sites provide the Customer/Consumer with.

Article 12: Duration and changes

The present Terms and Conditions will remain valid and effective until the Firm modifies them.

Potential changes in the present Terms and Conditions will be effective and binding for the Customer from the moment they are published on the Site onwards. These changes will also apply to the sales taking place since the date the changes are introduced.

The changes of the present Terms and Conditions that derive from normative updates will be published on the Site to inform the Customer.

Article 13: Final norms

The rules that for some reason must be considered partially or totally ineffective do not affect the remaining rules of the present contract, which will be valid and effective amongst the parts.

The Firm can at any moment and without warning impede the Customer’s access to the Site or suspend the sale of the product if the Customer does not respect one or more contractual terms or voluntarily disrespects, with improper behavior, the present agreement. In this regard the Customer cannot demand the payment for damages or compensations of any kind.

If the Customer does not respect the present contract, any lack of action by the Firm does not represent in any case refusal to act.

Article 14: Communications and complaints

All the communications and the eventual complaints the Customers has towards the Firm must be sent to the email address: