Accessories for our furry friends

Mirtillo & Memole

Mirtillo & Memole is the product line (we love! ♥️) dedicated to our furry friends.

Caring and entertaining our four-legged best friend, whether it is a cat or a dog, is what inspires the line “Mirtillo & Memole” as a “Product We Love”.

Mirtillo & Memole are our indoor cats which fill up our days with their love. We try to reciprocate that love and are constantly thinking of ways of strengthening their care and well-being.

For this reason, a product from the line “Mirtillo & Memole is a safe product: we have the best interest of our furry friends in our hearts…..and their fun too!

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Do you know the other product
lines of Products We Love?

We spend our time to create products, little products, which originate from the pleasure of being received (perhaps as a gift), being used daily, and—we hope! —being increasingly appreciated.

This dedication has led to the creation of 3 product lines which are meant to be solely and exclusively ♥️ Products We Love ♥️ .


Vel-E is the new product line (we love ♥️) dedicated to the New Urban Mobility.

Thanks to Vel-E, you can use your electric scooter or your fat bike with the appropriate, useful, made-with-care accessories.

Attention to detail, to the quality of used materials and to every day needs have not resulted in obscuring style and sophistication: the two nestled leaves remind of a green and stylish use of the two wheels.

If you are still searching for a product which is made with care and that respects your style, you are in the right place.

L'Isola dei bimbi

Children’s island is the product line (we love! ♥️) dedicated to the joy of seeing a child’s smile.

When we realize a “Product We Love” belonging to the line “Children’s Island”, the first thing we desire is elicing the “wow factor” in a child….in order to do it, we get back to our childhood ourselves to recall that factor that we loved when we unwrapped or played with our favorite gift.

For this reason, a product from the line “Children’s Island” is the perfect product to give to a child: it will result in joy in receiving it and joy in using it.

We are aware of the fact that a toy a child loves needs also the child’s parents’ approval: all the products of the line “Children’s Island” are aware of this fundamental aspect. While the children play, their parents can relax.